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Dr. Jonathan Elmore is a Board-Certified Oral Surgeon that has been servicing the metro Orlando area for over four years. Dr. Elmore attended Columbia University Dental School and completed his Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency at The Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York. Upon completion of his residency , he began practicing in Orlando where his expertise quickly gained recognition by patients and other doctors. Driven by a passion for providing top-tier dental healthcare, Dr. Elmore envisioned a practice that would cater to every individual's needs. Every patient encounter is grounded in his commitment to personalized care, ensuring both top-notch attention and a gold standard in customer service. Today, he is laser-focused on positioning AMP Oral Surgery as the premier oral healthcare provider in the Central Florida Region.

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We handle the heavy lifting when it comes to filing your insurance claims. Our staff is experienced in coordinating with insurance providers, ensuring a smoother process for you.